Cherelle Fitzclarence

Doctor, Broome

"As a doctor, CHIP is the best chronic disease prevention program I have seen. The program is compact, reproducible and scientifically valid. Its impact on the quality of people's lives is immense."

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Andro Ivicevic

Mechanical Engineering Designer

In just four weeks, Andro achieved the following results on the CHIP program:

  • Weight loss of 4.4kg
  • Blood pressure down 26 points
  • Glucose levels down 30%
  • Cholesterol down 27%
  • Triglycerides down 45%
  • Painful diabetic neuropathy disappeared

"Before starting CHIP, I had elevated blood sugar and was diagnosed as a Type 2 diabetic. My blood pressure was high and I was also overweight.

After the first week of the CHIP course, my troubling reflux disappeared so I no longer needed to sleep on 4 pillows to keep me elevated. Part way into the second week, I was breathing clearly through my nose for the first time in 15 years and getting a good night's sleep.

You can't imagine what a difference this made, not only to me, but to my wife, who flew from Melbourne (where we both live) to celebrate my CHIP graduation. My specialist cancelled my surgery.

"For the past 37 years, I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to get my triglycerides (blood fat) below 3. After four weeks of CHIP, they are now down to 1.7. It all seems too good to be true!"

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Sandy van der Westhuizen

Nurse Manager, The Keogh Institute for Medical Research

In 4 weeks on our CHIP course, Sandy achieved:

  • Blood pressure down 13 points
  • Cholesterol down 37%
  • LDL Cholesterol down 52%
  • Triglycerides down 15%

It's been more than 2 years since Sandy completed our first CHIP course. She lost 15kg in 12 months and has shown that her new CHIP lifestyle is sustainable, with her family also making positive lifestyle changes.

"After being diagnosed a diabetic in 1998, the amount of medication I was required to take slowly increased. Even with the increases, the medication couldn't bring my blood sugar down to normal levels. But through CHIP I've been able to reduce my blood sugar, so that it now falls within the normal range. I've got heaps of energy now; it really is amazing! CHIP has given me remarkable benefits."

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Paul Appleby


In 5 weeks on our CHIP course, Paul achieved:

  • Weight loss of 9.3kg
  • Cholesterol down 15%
  • LDL Cholesterol down 19%
  • Triglycerides down 15%

"Two things brought me to Dr Diehl's CHIP program. The first was a minor stroke that left me feeling shattered and low. You see, I had always been in control. I thought I was bullet-proof. I wasn't. The second thing was the wisdom of a co-worker. On the day following the stroke, a work colleague, now a friend for life, directed me to CHIP, which he described as a lifestyle program that would lead me in a new direction for the rest of my life.

"Being a long-time cynic, I wasn't convinced, but promised him that I would attend the CHIP course he recommended. I did not really believe that the program could offer me anything, but I couldn't break a promise.

"Was I ever wrong! In the five weeks of the CHIP course, I had turned my health around.

"For some years I had experienced pain and discomfort from osteoarthritis, which affected both knees and one shoulder. The exercise and weight loss improved these symptoms immeasurably. I can now spend more time in the garden and enjoy new freedoms, due to my increased mobility.

"The course sessions were well presented, and the input and support of the presenters, made it easy to implement and maintain lifestyle changes. They were always supportive, never critical, and conducted the course with humour, compassion and a dedication to helping others.

"I'm sleeping much better, I am a much calmer person and my energy levels have soared. It has also inspired my wife to modify her diet, which she admits has made her feel better too.

I have only one regret, and that is that I didn't know about CHIP earlier!"

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Cyril Emery

Vietnam Veteran

In 4 weeks on our CHIP course, Cyril achieved:

  • Blood pressure down 14 points
  • Glucose levels down 37%
  • Cholesterol down 26%
  • Triglycerides down 36%

"When I received a letter from Veteran's Affairs saying that the average lifespan of a Vietnam Vet was just 56 years, a year before my 56 th birthday, I almost despaired. My diabetes was out of control, and I'd had 5 bypasses and 3 stents in my heart already. Then one day my church offered to sponsor me to attend LiveSmart's CHIP course.

"I applied myself diligently to the CHIP principles and achieved improvement in all areas. Despite a very painful leg, I persevered with physical activity and improved my fitness.

"Best of all, my outlook on life has improved dramatically. CHIP has done so much for me. I feel like a new person! That black cloud isn't hanging over me anymore. I'm going to be a grandfather again soon, and I intend to be around until he/she grows up."

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Lindsay Laing


In 4 weeks on our CHIP course, Lindsay achieved:

  • Weight loss of 7kg
  • Blood pressure down 49 points
  • Glucose levels down 3%
  • Cholesterol down 7%
  • Triglycerides down 18%

" Before attending or even knowing about the CHIP program I was heading for trouble health-wise. High blood pressure (for which the doctor just doubled the strength of the medication), high cholesterol, high blood sugar level and very overweight and not feeling very happy with myself in general.

"Everything I learned at the program made sense and was logical. The information that doctor Diehl spoke about was clear and understandable. From the first week of following the course I began to notice the difference and within two weeks I had lost 5kg and halved my medication! I love the food. My lunch sandwiches are huge and I continued to lose weight.

"After a month I had lost 7kg and was off all blood pressure medication! It's now 11 months since I started the CHIP course and my blood pressure is still within the normal range at 115/62. I've lost a total of 19kg, my cholesterol is 3 (still on medication for cholesterol), and blood sugar is now down to 3.3. I can't recommend this program highly enough for a life-changing and life-saving way of life."

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Olive Dunstan

Retiree (87 years old)

Olive has the distinction of being our oldest CHIP participant!

"At 87 years old, CHIP gave me my life back! Before doing the CHIP course, my angina caused severe pain with the least exertion. Osteoarthritis would cause painful spasms in the base of my spine.

"I was very limited in what I could do. Angina pain prevented me from walking to my letterbox, changing my bed, gardening, etc. Sweeping was also very painful, but it had to be done. I had to force myself to do it and had to keep stopping.

"I had very little energy and didn't feel up to doing anything much.

"How different my life is since doing the CHIP course! I can now walk to the mailbox and I don't have to stop two-thirds of the way like I used to, to get my breath. There's a little bit of a hill at end and I could never make it. It would also make my left arm ache because of the angina pain. I couldn't believe this improvement could happen in such a short time. It's fantastic, absolutely! I would never have thought that in 4 or 5 weeks I could improve so much.

"I now enjoy walking around Carousel Shopping Centre without effort or pain.

"Last year my daughter had to do my gardening for me. The other day I was gardening for hours! I felt wonderful and was enjoying it so much that I didn't stop for lunch. I didn't get any angina pain or pain in my lower spine from osteoarthritis, and I was bending and all sorts of things. I just love doing it. It's so much nicer when I can do it myself. It's unbelievable, absolutely fabulous!

"Besides all that I am now caring for a very sick cancer patient in my home.

"I have energy that I never had, and more interest in doing things - like cleaning out cupboards and the fridge - and I feel better every day. I didn't know I could feel so good.

"I will never be able to thank Margot and Kym enough for what they have done for me. Every extra year of life I have will be because of them."

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Other testimonials from our CHIP participants

"Before CHIP, I was seriously considering having part of my bowel removed because of terrible constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. The pain was so debilitating. It felt like constant appendicitis! But now, my pain is gone, the irritable bowel syndrome has disappeared and I no longer have to take antibiotics for bowel infections."

"In four weeks my cholesterol went from 6.7 to 2.7."

"I've got Type 2 Diabetes. After four weeks of CHIP my blood sugar went from 14.5 to 7.5. That's a 48% drop! I couldn't be happier."

"I've had a food addiction for years. But now, thanks to CHIP, I've got my eating under control, I'm steadily losing weight and I'm never hungry!"

"After four weeks of CHIP, my blood pressure dropped a massive 79% from 203/98 to 124/84."

"I'm now more focused, have more energy and greater productivity."

"I have five stents in my heart and was due to have further heart surgery before CHIP. But after adopting CHIP lifestyle changes, I was told by my specialist that surgery was now no longer necessary."

"Better than any other program I have been to in the past to do with health and weight loss."

"You've saved my life."

"I wish I could have learned these things at least 20 years ago."

"I am 81 and, thanks to CHIP, I'm now off all medications! My sleeping tablets were reacting badly with another medication, causing me to walk in my sleep - which at times was quite dangerous. Since CHIP I sleep like a baby without medication."

"Thanks to CHIP, things are now 'better in the bedroom'!"

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